90 days sugar free :)

Impossibly Possible

Ok! So Exactly 81 days ago, I decided to embark on a new challenge for the simple reason that I like to test my own strength and will-power.

I guess when we read a good book that we feel adds value to the way we see the world then we should probably put the information learned into practice. Otherwise what would the point of the read be? Can we really advocate things we have read if we do not try the techniques ourselves?

So what did I read? ‘The Power of the Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy. This book has a powerful insight into how your mind is working and processing things while you are going on with your life oblivious to what is really going on inside your head. It made me think about quite a few things.

  1. How does this relate to negative movements that are also habitual and causing injuries? I guess I would think of this, seeing as it is what I do everyday.
  2. How does this relate to my personal life with my family?
  3. How does this relate to my personal relationship with myself?
  4. How does it relate to my weaknesses i.e. chocolate and decadent cakes to name a few?

Well, it seems it plays a huge role in all of the above and therefore I decided to implement what I had read to see if I was able to control the uncontrollable.

Today I am only going to address sugar!

Giving up sugar was EASIER than I thought. Huh? Seriously? I have had so many people ask me how the hell I did it? Well to clarify, I gave up refined sugar in everything, from sweets, to sauces, to condiments, to food, to dessert to cocktails. But I still gave my body natural sugars in fruit and every now and then I would use honey if I was roasting pork or baking a healthy cheese cake. But strangely enough, you need less honey than you need refined sugar to get the same effect. Or it was merely the fact that if I ate anything fairly sweet, my taste buds would say…’Damn Woman, that is some sweet stuff’. Purely due to the fact that my taste buds were rejuvenated.

If I wanted to add a sweet flavour to the food for my family, I would use apples and honey to make a chutney on the meat as it roasted. Roasting nuts in the oven and drizzling honey over the nuts made for amazing garnishes. But again, this was done in moderation.

I had made a conscious decision to be stronger than the subconscious mind and to show it who is actually the boss. The subconscious mind is not capable of making decisions but it will inform you of what decisions you have made in the past. It will also keep telling you to stick to those decisions and repeat them whether they are good or bad. So what is the answer….’Tell it to shut the hell up’ If it is telling you to make the wrong choice. Tell it this over and over and over and over and show it who is really going to make the choices to break bad habits….and that is the conscious mind. If you keep repeating the good choices to the subconscious mind then it will store the new great choices as the new habit. Happy Days!

When you are able to do this then Voila!!!

You have just trained your own mind to rise above bad habits! Now for the hard part…

  • negative personality traits that plague us humans.
  • negative movement patterns
  • Trying the next foodstuff that makes up most of our plates at dinner time!

And for my next challenge…..Giving up all wheat and carbs except fruit, baby potatoes and sweet potatoes (cause we know that balance is super important!). Damn, may I not be tempted by fresh bread for the next 90 days. 

So let’s do this! No sugar or wheat, rice, sweets etc for the next 90 days!

Beat your weaknesses! Come on, you are NOT weak!

That is the healthy truth!


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