Cut the ‘beeep’ & Move Together

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For the Love of Movement… please can we focus on what is important?


Today you can read about every form of Pilates, although some might argue there is only ONE, every form of cross-training, every gym program, different forms of Yoga, Various new exercise styles, dance….. YOU NAME IT…. IT IS OUT THERE!

This is totally awesome… we all have one thing in common…. We Want to Achieve:

  • Health
  • Toned bodies for some
  • Stress relief
  • Me time
  • Joint stability……etc.

Just look at the HUGE VARIETY of exercise fashion!!!! It’s insane…. these pants, those tops, these shoes, the latest fitness watches… geez it feels like you need an extra cupboard for all this apparel. But there is not doubt that it does make you feel great to be wearing Cool Kit when you exercise. So if we can agree on the Cool Fashion for the most part… can we then also agree that we all have similar goals in mind?

The reason for this blog post is because it seems that the exercise society likes to bump heads around every corner. Some more than others. 

I think it is plain to see that the world is full of colorful people with a myriad of personalities, ideas and of course…… communication skills.

However, at the end of the day….. we all have a similar goal in mind. 

I always think of my gran when I read people gunning each other on Social Media and other platforms…. Granny Jackson always said...’ If you cannot say anything good then don’t say anything at all‘ OR ‘If you cannot give constructive criticism in an adult like manner, then don’t say anything at all!’

If you look at politics, then it is evident that many do not agree and hence some countries are in the state they are in. Therefore the same will apply to any industry really! The politics, the negative comments, the disregard for each other….. will it ever change? Probably not! Does it matter?… Also probably not, as long as you are not a part of it! Do you want to jump on the bandwagon? Definitely Not! What I give is what I WILL GET! GUARANTEED!

Is it possible that through it all, if we are teaching movement, then we will all need similar information and education that is pretty standard to teaching movement? Some information you cannot be without, and this is where the MOVEMENT INDUSTRY HAS a lot in common.

Work towards the goals of achieving the following for your clients or patients:

  • Health
  • Toned bodies for some
  • Stress relief
  • Me time
  • Joint stability……etc.

And if you are teaching movement, then the lesson 101 for teaching movement is:

  • Ensure you have the best education, be in primary or post education & if you don’t then seek it.
  • Know the person in front of you and what their needs are physically and emotionally.
  • Know precision in movement in order to achieve functional joint stability that will become involuntary
  • Be able to adapt to the person that you are working with
  • Allow the information in your mind to come to the forefront as the person moves in front of you and you notice certain compensations.
  • If this information does not come to you, then be honest with yourself and seek avenues to obtain this information.
  • Learn from those who Love Learning themselves and who have YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART. 

Community means that even though we are different with different ideas, we still respect each other and listen & try and understand before we speak. I cringe when I see some comments that people write to each other on Social Media Sometimes :O

A positive MOVEMENT COMMUNITY can only have MASSIVELY POSITIVE EFFECTS on the entire world. 

You are welcome to chat with us on our Community Forum! Let’s get positive and let’s be constructive!


Tanya Thompson – CEO & Founder OF-COURSEONLINE.COM

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1 Comment
  • Joan Gardener
    Posted at 14:49h, 25 October

    Every good movement teacher or sports coach, should be doing this to get good, positive & encouraging results; or know who to pair with to get good results for their clients or pupils. This type of teaching should be encouraged & taught in colleges and studios. You have it in one Tanya!

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