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At some point in our life, we decided to embark on a CAREER IN HEALTH. It sounded like an amazing job…you get to help people, be healthy yourself and not have to sit behind a desk.

Besides the obvious perks above, there are some things that we never thought of:

  • The fact that dealing with the body was far greater than we had thought.
  • The fact that the wellness industry would BOOM beyond our imagination.
  • The fact that when we said we wanted to deal with people, we would get people from all walks of life with all kinds of requests, injuries and personalities. 
  • The fact that the initial information that we had learnt was but a tiny drop in the ocean of what will be expected of us in the future.

So we joined organizations to feel like we belong and so that we have back-up. We were able to communicate with like minded individuals and ask questions on secure forums that didn’t make us look stupid.

We were then presented with the AMAZING INTERNET which made information available at the drop of a hat. 

But what now? How many questions do we still have that are unanswered? 

If we stop learning then we start DYING in our career.

Things move so quickly that we have to be at the top of our game in order to have that creative edge. Throughout this process of POST EDUCATION...we want to feel like we really gain relevant information that will increase the quality of our work. 

We hear:

  • Functional training
  • Stability training
  • Sports specific training
  • Rehabilitation training

…..and we are inundated with choices of companies that may provide us with this information…but how much of it is what we already know?

Where can we go to get what we really need?…Not just ideas, new exercises and new styles…but REAL INFORMATION that will take OUR TEACHING to the next level and OUR RESULTS SKY ROCKETING into the Exosphere (10000km away from the earth).

Every single one of us in this industry..whether you are a:

  • Pilates instructor
  • Yoga instructor
  • Physical therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports scientist
  • Personal trainer
  • Dance teacher……..needs certain fundamental information to make YOU the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF IN  YOUR CAREER.


What if the answer lies within this blog post? What if I tell you that over the past 20 years, we have researched, tested, examined what is MISSING and what should be COMPULSORY for all movement professionals to know?

What if all you need to know in order to take all that you do to the next level is one SIMPLE CLICK AWAY!?

My passion is post education through precision in movement with the objective being CLIENT SPECIFIC training. Our Goal is to reach as many movement professionals out there as possible to MAKE YOU MORE AMAZING THAN WHAT YOU ALREADY ARE.

To give YOU a lifelong career that promotes precision in movement through client specific training, busting myths, taking risks, saying it like it is and bringing pure, safe, rehabilitative and toning movement to the forefront.

It is NOT OK to get injured during exercise...but it happens…so how can you prevent it for ALL of your clients or patients? And if not prevent it, how can you rehabilitate it in such a way that the injury does not re-occur.

Every single course that we have at is solely focused on bringing clear, concise, precise and adapted movement to YOU in such a way that you can think for yourself, leap out of your box and make things happen like never before.

We focus on Precise Movement for hips, knees, shoulders, spines, pregnancy….and so much more. There are not 1000 courses to choose from…but rather the perfect amount of courses to make you grow your career in a new direction. If you had to do each of the 21 courses that we have…you have set yourself up for SUCCESS.

Of-CourseOnline is there especially for YOU…to give  YOU what YOU need as a professionals with no ifs, whys, buts or maybes….just pure information in VIDEO FORMAT WITH MANUALS and SUMMARY PAGES.

It is our ways to contributing to the movement industry. Enjoy the Healthy Truths Blog.

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

Tanya Thompson – CEO & Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement
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