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The pregnancy BOOMS occur throughout the year. The result of this is an influx of pregnant ladies who want to keep moving, feel better about themselves and prevent the severe pregnancy weight gain.

It is important to remember that they are NOT INVALIDS but they do need special care in an exercise program. Too often I have seen movement professionals placing pregnant ladies in positions that are contraindicated to them OR the exercise that they are doing will lead to severe DIASTASIS RECTI! You do not want to be the cause of that!

Most of the times these professionals have not been pregnant themselves and therefore the understanding of what she is going through and what her body is feeling in certain positions and movements is not understood. 

Obviously it is ridiculous to say that, if you have not been pregnant then you cannot train these ladies….BUT if you have not been pregnant then you need to educate yourself on what a ‘PERFECT’ pregnancy program would be.

Not only the exercises per trimester but also:

  • What each part of her body feels like?
  • Why it feels the way it does?
  • What is uncomfortable for her?
  • What is BAD for her?
  • What does SHE NEED TO KNOW that you are going to teach her?

Remember her gynae appointment is all of 15 minutes…there is no time for chit chat…and you might have some really valuable information for her that will make her pregnancy so much easier.

Information on:

  • SIJ.
  • Pubic Pain.
  • Lumbar spine pain and relief.
  • Pelvic floor and the necessity or myths of what she really needs.
  • Breast feeding.
  • The changes in her body per trimester.
  • What is ‘porridge brain’ and why does it occur?
  • What is rib stitch and why does it occur?
  • Why heat therapy is contraindicated for her?
  • What is the 3 day blues and why is this normal?

……the list goes on and on and on….

If you can bring these elements into her session then she will stick with you until the very end and hopefully return shortly after delivery.

pregnancy blog

Return to exercise:

  1. Natural birth – as soon as her doctor gives her a release form to exercise (usually 3 – 4 weeks after delivery.)
  2. Cesarean – Literature says 6 weeks, but being a mother of two with two cesareans under the belt, I am going to suggest 8 weeks. You are then more mentally prepared to contract your abdominal muscles at this stage and the risks of injury are less.

There is nothing better than feeling confident in your program decisions when training special populations. It gives you that professional edge. 

These ladies need you…but you need to know EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED!

Do you need more information on this SPECIAL POPULATION…then please click here!

Start your education now as to what she really needs to know and what you need to do with her per trimester in order to promote a safe and healthy pregnancy.

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

Tanya Thompson – CEO & Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement
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