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For the ❤️ of SHOULDERS

What the world really needs now is Healthier Shoulders. 

Did you know that if we are able to perform amazing shoulder stability, we will be able to cure or prevent so many shoulder, neck and upper back injuries?

Why is it so challenging to stabilize the shoulder joint?

  1. It consists of various mind muscles that most people can’t see or feel when these muscles activate.
  2. The purest movement has never been felt by the client.
  3. The purest movement has not been felt by the instructor. 
  4. We focus on repertoire and exercises for stability rather than disassociation through precise mind body movements that promote re-education of the current recruitment pattern.
  5. We tend to stick to generic programs and prescribed exercises. 
  6. We are stuck in a rut due to being enclosed in a box.... our thoughts have to break free. This will allow for our mind to create the best possible re-stability training on a single individual.

How simple it really is to assist a client with shoulder stability?

No really …. it is far easier than you think but initially you have to be guided in order to develop that thought process which enables you to think out of the box and be a movement specialist.


In order to start stability, there are a few fundamental elements that need to be assessed.

  1. The ability of the brain to free the shoulder. 
  2. The personality type and how this affects shoulder stability.
  3. The muscular restrictions i.e. Pec minor and major vs. Serratus anterior OR levator Scapula vs. Serratus anterior.
  4. Current injury. 
  5. Current mobility without compensation 
  6. What is THIS CLIENTS common compensations?

But before anything else FREE MOVEMENT AND DISASSOCIATION has to be achieved. Without this, the injury will re-occur over and over and over again. 

What have we have recently rehabilitated?

  1. One post op client 
  2. 3 x frozen shoulders ….. all in the space of 2 months. 

That is food for thought. Something is desperately needed in order to reverse this. With the above injuries, we achieved results after the 2nd 30 minute session. 

We have therefore decided to spread the word of what the shoulders so desperately need …. For the Love of Shoulders…. leap into a new world of shoulder stability! 


  1. Sign up for our ‘Shoulder Stability Wow Factor Course’ 
  2. Join us as we present the latest version of treating shoulders in rehab and movement near you in the U.K., SA and India. 
  3. Follow us on Facebook

Don’t you just wish that you could feel more confident when dealing with:

  • Impingement
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Post shoulder op clients
  • General shoulder aches and pains….without doing the same repertoire every time!

Fixing shoulders has never been so easy. 

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

Tanya Thompson – CEO – Of-Courseonline & Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement

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