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For the ❤️ of HIPS

What has to carry us until the day we die? 


In this day and age, we are becoming more active but due to this, we might be causing more harm to our hips than we think. 

Training hip stability is a very personal ‘procedure’. What might work for you will not work for me. So what factors will play a role in this?

  1. General hip flexibility
  2. Hip flexor flexibility 
  3. Hip flexor ability to shorten concentrically
  4. Gluteus maximus ability to shorten concentrically
  5. The state of the Gluteus maximus
  6. The neuro-muscular connection to the hip stabilizers
  7. A lateral pelvic tilt
  8. A lateral pelvic tilt with a posterior or anterior tilt (each will be treated differently)
  9. TFL versus Gluteus medius activation
  10. The role of YOUR ITB
  11. YOUR pelvic position
  12. Your natural knee position….and this list can go on and on……

If we think of what the hips are enduring whilst we run!

So what are some fundamentals of HIP STABILITY?

  1. Disassociation is vital for lumbar spinal stability as well as hip stability
  2. Conscious Initiated Muscular Resistance should occur around the entire hip joint through functional movement. CIMR
  3. A good relationship between hip flexors and hip extensors
  4. Good hip flexor – abdominal co-ordination
  5. Good involuntary stability which occurs through repetition of the positive movement…..but HOW?

This video makes the movement seem silly or strange. Why would she be tapping her abdominals and then her lumbar back extensors? Can you figure this out? 

She is purely trying to remind her brain of which muscles are required to stabilize the pelvis as she goes into hip extension versus hip flexion. In this video there is added speed but this only comes once the slow controlled version is achieved.

If you do this properly, it is quite intense. 

The sleeping GLUTE syndrome has caused HAVOC ON OUR BODIES.

For the LOVE of HIPS.…we need to start training each individual as such…an individual! But before we can do this, we need to know exactly how to do this.

We have put together an amazing course for this. The Hip Stability WOW factor at

Creating safe hips for Longevity.

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

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