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Health & Wellness is seen absolutely everywhere! If you are not on the bandwagon then you are losing out on something truly amazing….!

The question is….why are some people NOT on the health Band Wagon?

There are 4 very simple reasons:

  1. The health industry makes many people feel very uncomfortable as they watch people upload their exercise routines, meals, shakes and fancy exercise attire. In fact, many are appalled by it. They just want all the healthy people to disappear and never post another damn thing on social media.
  2. Personal factors: This is a fundamental influence as it comes from within and partly without. This is based on an individuals:
  • Beliefs regarding exercise.
  • Previous exercise history.
  • How they feel about themselves at this point.
  • The amount of support that they get from others surrounding them.

If the above shows no positive perception, then the chance that they can tackle an exercise program is really slim (excuse the pun). This change will only occur through a change in mindset but can also be influenced by those around them. Words of encouragement, support and positive feedback may change the Personal factors substantially.

3. Environmental factorsThis has a lot to do with the most basic things. But this can have a great impact on individuals. How close are training facilities to them? How much time do they have to exercises in a day?  

4. Physical factors: A persons physical health plays a huge role. As they might have cardio-vascular disease, injury, blood pressure issues or they might be quite overweight. In hind sight, this will also affect the PERSONAL FACTORS as one feels less encouraged to exercise if you feel physically ill. A CATCH 22 😮

In order to make a change in your life or the lives of others….we need to assess the above points and identify the weakness/s for a specific individual. Once you can identify the weakness/s, then this can be addressed by no other way but POSITIVE RE-ENFORCEMENT of whatever is required.

Keeping the challenges in mind and making an effort to eliminate the challenges, WILL GET YOU TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE! The change starts with the individual and the support comes from the family and professionals who are there to assist them.

ENCOURAGEMENT…ENCOURAGEMENT…ENCOURAGEMENT & POSITIVE FEEDBACK CONTINUOUSLY without LECTURING the individual will assist them on their path to making a change.

Hopefully through this, those who are struggling to get moving will not wait for the MEDICAL SCARE first before they start exercising. The point is to AVOID THE MEDICAL EMERGENCY. 

May this help someone… be it a professional trying to help their clients or someone who just can’t gather the energy to make a change in their health today! 

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!

Tanya Thompson – CEO /
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