1 Spine 1 Chance – The broken spine epidemic!

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Whether you are a movement professional i.e Pilates instructor, Yoga instructor, Personal trainer, Physiotherapist, Biokineticist or Sports scientist OR if you are none of these but want to know how to really look after your spine, then there are a few things that you need to ensure that you are doing. 

This blog is dedicated to speaking the truth and we all know that there are two ways to handling the truth:

  1. Be defensive
  2. Accept, learn and make changes

Personally if we are dealing with the part of the body that has been designed to protect our spinal cord or has the function of general body health for efficient movement, then I feel we need to take stock,  listen and learn and then of course implement what we have learned.

BAD SPINAL MECHANICS, spinal pain, spinal tension is a huge epidemic. My concern is not only the spinal epidemic, but it is also the post rehabilitation that people receive when it comes to getting the spine to move functionally again. The problem lies within the professional who is teaching the exercise who is not aware of the basic principles of safe spinal movement.

Or the professional is not able to relate to what the client is feeling because they themselves have a poor mind body connection. This I have seen a million times.

The people who are training the injured have very poor movement co-ordination themselves. It is a known fact that if you as a professional cannot feel it on your own body, you will never know what it feels like when a movement is performed perfectly and when it is performed incorrectly.

Let alone when you see your client perform something correctly or incorrectly. This is not a dismal case though because there is always room for improvement in all of us. Sometimes we are so busy ourselves that we as the professionals do not get the time to train or be trained. Also, if you are then trained by someone who never gets to train themselves either then we are in a vicious cycle of negative mind-body connection training which then is portrayed to our clients as such.

I see it everyday, those that are highly qualified, those that are newly qualified, those that have been teaching movement for years are missing a SUPER IMPORTANT factor named Precision In Movement. IT IS MISSING in a very big way. 

I am exposed to so many people out there within our industry, some are very well known and others are fairly new. And yet I still see the missing element. The element of Precision and yet they speak of precision in the video but when I watch the video, it is NOT there.

Why? Nobody has told them otherwise? They have not had the opportunity to be trained themselves or again those who are training them are not training either or being trained by a ‘movement precisionist’?

When we deal with the spine, there are so many elements that come into play:

  • Positioning
  • Body weight
  • Load
  • Other spinal compensations
  • Gravity
  • Neural responses
  • Bones

Do you know what these are doing when you move the client? In my history of teaching and that is approximately 50 000 hours of teaching. I think I might have seen 10 people teach precision in spinal motion. I have presented numerous courses and on all of these courses I noticed the same thing. I have been overseas to present Kinetic Precision and yet I saw the same thing. That MISSING ELEMENT. That VITAL ELEMENT. I also noted that this does not come naturally to the majority of people or professionals. It has to be taught to them. They have to SEE IT, FEEL IT, DO IT and then ASSESS IT. Only then will they GET IT!

Another missing factor is the practical training that the professionals obtain. It is NOT enough. They have the theory but are not able to always implement this information practically. This is where my passion comes in with Of-CourseOnline.

What will happen when we get it? The world of functional and safe training will explode with amazing results, really healthy bodies and clients that really heal their bodies for longevity. 

We want to heal the body, especially the spine because we only have one of them. Movements of the spine have to be:

  1. precise.
  2. client specific.
  3. smooth.
  4. controlled.
  5. in PERFECT alignment.
  6. able to disassociate.
  7. correlate perfectly with the shoulder.
  8. correlate perfectly with the thoracic spine.
  9. able to form a strong brace triangle.
  10. able to disassociate in order to REALLY improve posture. 

Whether there are disc issues, vertebral issues, degeneration, bony spurs, calcification or just merely bad mechanics due to everyday posture. Each person should be dealt with differently and the most important factor with regards to movement is PRECISION!

Do it perfectly to change the habitual pattern and therefore promote longevity and  obtain amazing results. 

The company Of-CourseOnline is dedicated to Precision in Movement, hence their technique called Kinetic Precision. Their objective is to educate both the public and movement professionals with what perfect, safe, precise and client specific movement is? NO COMPENSATIONS are allowed. That missing element is what every single course that they offer is focused on. Their spinal course is focused on Precision in Spinal movement for optimal training and rehabilitation. 

Fixing the world one step at a time!

Keep in touch to see our next post regarding Spinal Safety for everyday!

That is the HEALTHY TRUTH!


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